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a little rain and mugginess didn't stand in the way of a great time in baltimore all weekend. the streets of mount royal were filled for the artscape festival. entertainment featured live concerts and vendors from all over the country and selling art and crafts and unique itemsp if you missed this year because of the rain, no need to worry. it will be back in full swing next year. well, it must have been a tough decision for a mother to make. the loss and a horrible boating accident. >> they were taken while on a missionary trip. the reunion a pastor and congregation were waiting for. we will take you there as we continue on this monday july 23rd.
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the 82-year-old mother of michael jackson was reported missing late saturday. a nephew of katherine jackson reported she was missing late
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saturday night after her grandchildren why unable to get in touch with her for a week. sher her son tweeted to fans that his mother is fine and resting in arizona. the missing person's report was several days after dispute between her advisers and several of her children over the finances and legal affairs. sources close to the family of usher raymond says his former stepson passed away from injuries during a boating accident. he was hospitalized for more than two weeksch the 11-year- old suffered a head injury after a boat accident on a georgia lake. the boy's mother was married to usher for two years and they have two children and divorced in 2009. it's 4:58 and coming up this morning at 5, on good morning maryland a. new study says kids should be screened for cholesterol but who would benefit and another storm of a different kind. a resident in parts of arizona are dealing with a big mess. and do you use search engines? what you need to watch out for
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so you get the information best and most safely online. those stories at 5 on good morning america. top stories making headlines around worth. two massachusetts residents kidnapped in egypt arrived home sunday at logan international airport. the family of michael lieues and -- lewis and a celebration washeld later in the day wherealfonsi and the egyptian tour guide why abducted along sinai road when doing a christian monastary while traveling with a church group. shark attacks are a cause for concern for many swimers in south africa especially in the cape area where most fatalities from the attacks occurred. however, in research scientists researchers have come together to tag the great whites to understand the behavior and movement patterns. more than 130 people have been
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attacked along the coastline and practically all of the 22 fatalities were in the same area. crews are findings from the expedition could be key to saving creatures from extinction. -- 6 police officers have been rate ofed for torturing a suspect, some caught on camera. it shows two young male suspects completely wet and wearing their underwear. they tie a plastic bag around one of the necks and grabs the suspects by the head. the suspect starts to yell and shaking and drops to the floor. the officer takes the bag off the suspect's head and allowing them to gasp for air and regain consciousness. authorities say the two suspects were detained for misdemeanors and freed a short time later. after a week in captivity the olympic committee was released. the unknown gunman nabbed him. he was greeted by family and friends after returning home.
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a official called it as an unfortunate accident. time to start 59:00 hour. >> now, good morning maryland." >> just like the dark knight we will rise again. >> it kept you glued to the television set all weekend and today. the man accused of killing 12 inside a theater will be in court. the decision of the ncaa announced hours away. the sanctions of penn state university. how severe things could get. and farmers need more rain in maryland. how some are having to sacrifice one crop in an effort to save another. those stories straight ahead on this monday july 23rd. good morning. i am charley crowson. megan is off today. but this guy mike masco is in and in for lynette and she will be back tomorrow. you are doing double dudey -- duty today. >> lauren in ocean city beach and lynette will be back
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tomorrow. and you are tuck with me all week. >> what you've done every time you come in is given us a bad form of bad news. >> we will try to find some silver lining. storms today and it's humid. >> the mild weather was just a mis. >> yes. annapolis showing dark out there right now. cloudy and a few scattered showers out there towson going towards perry hall parkville seeing a couple scattered showers and hot 95 taking -- 695 out towards essex and middle river, a few of the spotty showers at the present. in terms of where we are with temperatures, 71 in town right now. 76 degrees in d.c. land and 70s over the eastern shore. what a beautiful weekend. temperatures below average that changes today. southerly wind bringing in heat and humidity and we have a cold front out to the west triggering a few spotty showers and storms during the course of the afternoon. 8 in the morning, just about 74
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degrees. on the way to 86 degrees and we will have two degree guarantee of 95 degrees. it's humid and it's muggy and it's mild going in the 8:00 hour with temperatures holding onto 85. we will talk about the forecast and show out7-day forecast -- you the 7-day forecast coming up. let's check the abc time savor traffic and i will start you out on the construction delays on the 695 between route rout 1 and 95. expect minor congestion this morning. we will take you to the city limits baltimore city again dealing with the issues on lomb board street and because of last week's water main breaks. certainly use all the terntive routes to avoid the area. outside we go, 695 ready good looking shot this morning in the drive times showing us conditions are look pretty good on the road. 95 to 83 a 12-minute commute. 795 and 695 to fort mchenry tunnel, about 8 minutes. more traffic and weather in
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less than 10. charley now over to you. a developing story overnight as 11 people are dead following a pickup crash in texas 100 miles southeast of san antonio. all those injured were in the same ford f250. police are not telling us how bad the other people involved are. the case remains under investigation. 11 dead and just south of san antonio. it's expect to be a emotional day in colorado as the man accused of going on a shooting rampage will make an appearance in court. police say james holmes opened fire during the opening of the dark knight rises early friday morning and sherrie johnson is standing by with all new information. it seems like we got all new information throughout the course of the weekend. every ten minutes we learned something different. >> reporter: that's right. this morning, at 11:30, 24-year- old james holmes, the accused shooter, will appear in court for the first time. university of colorado officials were looking into whether he used his position
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and graduate program to collect hazardous materials. authorities say he has not been cooperating with police. it could take months to learn the motive for the alleged attack early friday on a packed theater of people watching latest batman movie. the attack killed 12 people and wounded 58 others. president obama flew to colorado to comfort victim family members and said he was not there as president but as a father and husband. some say this is the beginning of finding peace. >> i hope that he is here for all the people and i think it's a blessing our president is behind us. >> everybody can come together and the campaigning is off and it's nice and we will come together. >> reporter: now holmes was held in solitary confinement at a denver area county detention center assigned a public defender and we will have a live stream at of thecourt proceedings at 11:30. >> what are people in holmes
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docket rail program saying about this? -- doctoral program saying about this? many around the apartment complex says says they didn't talk to him did people notice strange behavior. >> reporter: it's unclear if professors or students inprogram noticed anything unusual about his behavior. >> all right sherrie johnson thanks so much for that. keep it with abc2 news for the latest on the coverage from the shootings. we have new information a slide show under the national section including video and pictures from aurora colorado all of it can be found at well when you see a thunderstorm approaching, we often run for cover. it's what you do right? what if you are caught in something like this? it's more than just a dust storm that had people hiding their face and doing all they could to breath. >> you never would know it, but she almost died a few times. >> the face of medicaid. a girl who will head to
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washington with her parents as lawmakers fight over the best way to bring the best possible health care to all americans including one young girl like simone. details will continue on this monday morning.
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homicide of young people in america has an impact on all of us. how can we save these young people's lives? as a police chief, i have an opportunity to affect what happens in a major city. if you want to make a difference, you have to have the right education. university of phoenix opened the door. my name is james craig, i am committed to making a difference, and i am a phoenix. visit to find the program that's right for you. enroll now.
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thanks for staying with us on this monday morning. in the south midwest and northeast, we received paralyzing thunderstorms and tornadoes but in the valley area near phoenix, arizona it's the sandstorms that brings life to a standstill. this from the weekend a storm known as uh-huh boob rain fell as -- haboob the airport in phoenix had to stop flights for 20 minutes and we talk about the rain you can't see through mike as we are trying to get around during the heavy thunderstorms. imagine trying to get around in that. >> i've driven through one of those before. that's the event. here's what's going on this morning. temperature wise we are into the 70s. 71 in town. 70 over the eastern shore. a couple spotty showers across the area. just abe ware of that along 95 perry hall you will see couple of those. so spotty showers during the course of the morning.
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let's go through the timeline and again 74 around the 8:00 hour and lunchtime have a little lunch outdoors. 8 2k50e6 gee -- degrees and humidity could trigger off a scattered shower or thunderstorm during the course of the afternoon. going for 91 as the two degree guarantee against storms and through the 8:00 hour with the temperature around 85. we will have a check on the seven-day forecast coming up in little bit. let's check this morning and i will mention again still watching delays right around lombard street and also into lombard street because of the water main break. use alternative routes around that mess. 895 northbound between route 2and fringe first avenue we have delays heading into the harbor tunnel. here's a look outside and a good looking shot. very clear looking shot. 95 at route 43 looking good. some of the drive times showing us a pretty good commute thus far. we know that is subjected to change and we will talk about your r coming up in less than 10.
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charley. we know about scams when it comes to getting the odd e- mails on the enternet. that's what we are used to. but coming up, we will look at a new approach you may not be aware of that comes with search engines. >> she was great person. 99% of the time she was the happiest baby. >> full of energy. this young girl is from hampden and needs help with medicaid bills and is at the center of afight over medicaid funding. we will tell you her story when "good morning maryland" continues. [ female announcer ] caltrate's done even more to move us. because vitamin d3 helps bones absorb calcium, caltrate's double the d. it now has more than any other brand
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new criticism on a recommendation from a government appointed panel that there should be a widespread screening of u.s. kids for high cholesterol. and today'sish ute journal pediatrics reer is -- issue of the journal pediatrics researchers say they were influenced by financial ties to drug makers. they say the panel member ties undermines the credibility. your child gets sick as a parent your first instinct is to call the doctor and hope everything is okay. but for some families, the
5:16 am
reality is their children are facing serious illnesses and advanced medical treatment is needed. they have learned from experience how accessing good health care can make a difference between life and death for little ones. here's this little girl who is a 3-year-old from hampton and is a fighter and treated for a number of illnesses since birth and needs constant medical care. her mom shannon quit her full- time job to take care of the child that has not been enough. they rely on medicaid to provide a nurse for dealy visits and she has doctor visits and therapies she needs. and that's why her parents are going to d.c. today asking law makers to preserve funding for pediatric care. >> we are trying the government doesn't cut that part of the medicaid program that supports middle class families in time of need. >> another thing is they hope to bring attention to a better access for specialty. a lot of sometimes -- care.
5:17 am
a lot of times they to wait months in advance to see a specialist and are hoping law makers willimprove pediatric care. it's 5:16 on this monday and the weather was drizzlely and cloudy and humid at times. but that didn't keep thousands from coming out for artscape. people packed and i mean they packed the streets of mount royal for the 31st annual festival. entertainment featured live concerts. >> it was my first time here and yeah, it's fantastic. we came down from new york. we are from brooklyn but we heard great things and we made the trip and yesterday it was a little foggy and it's beautiful today. >> froggy is a good way to describe it. vendors from all over the u.s. selling arts and crafts and had unique items and don't worry if you missed it, they will be back next year. time for a check of the forecast. masco is back with us one more time, sir. people talking about the artscape and rain and dreary out there. >> it's a mean sausage and pepper down there.
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fantastic. you have to get out next year and certainly check it out. here's what's going on this morning. 71 degrees. it's matching up close to the dew point values. that's the recipe for fog on the roadways this morning. we have some spotty showers toshow you maryland's most powerful in one second. 71 in town and 71 in dover. hagerstown 70. comfortable numbers across the region but again these will soar during the course of the day today as we will see the sunshine go to work. white marsh you have spotty showers along 95 heading north bound. -aware -- be aware there are spotty showers and we are going to bring in the rest of the shower or thunderstorm during the course of the day. you can see the radar picking up on the spotty showers moving rapidly out towards queen anne's county and kent county a lot of humidity out of the gulf of mexico. a cold front out to the west that comes together and that's going to allow for the development of some showers and storms. future trend not really picking up on this. it is doing a good job on temperatures. 88 to 91 degrees during the course of the day today.
5:19 am
it shows most of the action towards the north. i kind of des agree with that. i think everybody will see a spotty shower or storm during the course of the day. so your forecast reflects that your two degree guarantee of 91. humid sunshine and hazy at times. we will go down to 73 for the overnight low with an early shower or thunderstorm. the 7-day forecast looks like this. not bad. 91 with the humidity today. tomorrow, we will see improvement but a warm day overall. 95 degrees and you know my pick for the next seven is going to be wednesday. 89 low humidity and then here comes humidity once again by thursday and friday with your daytime highs running close to 90 degrees. let's check on the abc2 timesaver traffic and baltimore city that east lombard street and light street is dealing with the water main issues so again just want to use an alternative around that. and middle river got this in. unspecified road hazard blocking the right lane on route 150 at wind burk road.
5:20 am
let's look outside and show you some of the cameras across the area. and 95 route 43 looks pretty good at this hour. but that certain subjected to change. we will show you that the commute thus far on all of the area roadways into harbor tunnel and heading towards 795 to 95 all looking pretty good at this hour. another check on track and weather in less than 10 mr. crowson back to you. most -- karin caifa tells us how to avoid getting snagged. >> reporter: most of us avoid clicking on links and shady looking e-mails. potential phishs attempts to gather personal information or install malware there's another trick growing. one that web users may not think about. when they are searching for news on a hot to being like celebritygoes i will a new gadget or major world event or
5:21 am
a recipe, be careful where you click. that search result could be a tainted link. >> people are aware they should be careful when they are on the e-mail what they click on. that same level need to be there when you are on facebook or a search engine. >> reporter: many companies and entities spend time and money pinpointing how to get the site to the top of the list search results conned search engine optimizing. heer is engine poseoning does the same for scanning and they are on the lookout but to keep your computer safe keep the searches to trusted sites when look for news on a favorite celebrity, particular to the established entertainment sites. avoid web address endings that don't look familiar. they could spell trouble. and always keep antivirus animal ware software up-to- date. karin caifa and you are now clicked in. it's 5:21. when we head to the grocery store, we have choices. cheaper versions versus the
5:22 am
more expensive items. maryland farmers have a bigger choice when it comes to the drought and their crops. we will bring you the details as we go to break this morning. a live look at new york. that's the brooklyn bridge. you are waking up to "good morning maryland." thanks for joining us on this mong. -- monday. chase freedom gives you 5% cash back? at restaurants now... bon appétit guys, enjoy. activate your 5% cash back at
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and our schools and teachers. thousands of good paying jobs it's the new resort casino at national harbor. but it won't happen unless lawmakers act right now. all that money -- and all those new jobs -- will go to delaware, pennsylvania, west virginia. the only loser: maryland schools. tell your delegate and state senator to vote yes for schools, jobs, and small businesses by saying yes to national harbor.
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now "good morning maryland." 5:24 a man is in pretty bad shape after being shot in the face in west baltimore in the 3500 block of west baltimore avenue around 3:00 saturday morning. police found a 21-year-old man who was shot a number of times. they are not saying anything about a suspect or motive, but if you have any information, you are asked to call police as quickly as possible. new this morning we are waiting to see how a person died p baltimore city after office aers found a decomposed body near johns hopkins university campus. all police know about the body right now is that it is that of a woman who was discovered around 1:23 -- 123 west 29th street. police say an autopsy should reveal more and how she died.
5:26 am
one farmer in maryland basically has to sacrifice one crop to save another thanks to the record setting drought. his story is similar to many across the u.s. these days. a third generation farmer in homestead farms in poolsville maryland. one look at his water reserves and you can see why he is in bad shape. >> water is supposed to be right about right here. i should have my foot in the water right here. >> he says the farmers in the midwest and corn belt are socked right now. and one key measure the worst drought since 1956. for us it's likely going to mean higher prices as we head to the local market. well, at 16 you might think you are adventureous and they may think you are bulletproof. this teen may think about twice about forcing rounds on a cliff by the ocean. how his friends helped save him. >> i am mike masco. look at the showers this
5:27 am
morning. we could see more storms in the mix later this afternoon. more on the full forecast coming up on the 5:30 edition of good morning maryland. that's a beautiful -- shot. niagara falls. we will be back after this.
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now "good morning maryland." a statue removed may be the last thing a penn state alum minds what the ncaa plans to hand down. he was 87 and lost control of the car and crashed and died in ellicott city. what police say likely happened to cause the deadly wreck. and it's not uncommon to see big jets land at airport we see it every day at bwi. but a massive c-17 military grade plane yeah it ended up-- plane, yeah, it ended up where it was not supposed to be.
5:29 am
we will tell you how it broke down on this monday july 23rd. megan is off today. you get a kick out of this. >> that's a great story i can't wait for that. >> that's coming up and the big story beam want to know about -- big story people want to know about is rain. >> let's do it again why not? >> all right. keep the umbrellas. >> a few spotty showers now and later this afternoon same deal. outside how about the shot still dark and cloudy out there. temperatures running into the 70s. dew point running high this morning. so again a lot of moisture out there to deal w71 in town. wilmington delaware 72, 71 in dover. in terms of what's going on on maryland's most powerful radar, we have spotty showers across the area. but what we are focusing on is a system about 600 miles away from us. and that's going to drop over the -- into the western maryland and bring a band of showers and gusty thunderstorms. so we will be tracking that for you during the course of the afternoon. in

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